AvatarSoft is a full service technology consulting firm. We specialize in the planning, design and implementation of solutions built on Microsoft’s SharePoint and .NET platforms.

AvatarSoft Technology Services Consulting is a Sacramento, California based firm that stands out as a SharePoint development Consulting here creative business partners and ground breaking problem solvers work as a cohesive team with our clients in solving the their business and technology challenges. Our tailored approach in working with our clients produces meaningful and positive changes in the productivity and profitability for our clients’ enterprises.

Our clients constantly recognize the quality, capacity, and experience of AvatarSoft development teams. Our team members possess extensive knowledge of SharePoint systems, planning, development, development and maintenance and operations in both private and public sector organizations. Members of our senior management team have held applications’ leadership positions at state and local government agencies and private sector companies. The combination of these diverse experiences and capacities enables us to clearly see the challenges and issues faced by private sector companies and government organizations, and to provide for them value-based technical solutions that are business oriented, viable, and functional.
AvatarSoft Consulting is organized into five primary service areas: SharePoint, Office 365, Custom Development, Mobile Development, Cloud Services, Social Media Product and Program Marketing and Sales, and A Value-Added Reseller (VAR).