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Application Development

As we partner with our clients, our goal is to work with them from the front-end with their new product strategy and road map all the way through the development and deployment of their commercial products.

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Application Modernization

Regardless of how well your current application is architected or how well it is or is not documented, AvatarSoft has the methodology and the team to tailor a solution to your needs, understanding what should be leveraged and updated, selecting what technologies best suite your strategy, and, ultimately, building a best in class application.

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Maintenance & Support

AvatarSoft can provide turn-key end-to-end services including product support (Level 1, 2) and maintenance services (Level 3). In engaging with AvatarSoft, we don’t simply try to fix defects, we try to structure our application maintenance relationships to measurably reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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What's more?

We establishes the basic structure of the IT system, defining the essential core design features and elements that provide the framework for all that follows, and are the hardest to change later. We bring success to your projects and business. 

Let's get to know AvatarSoft

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Our professional services are for every customers, from small business to big enterprise. AvatarSoft was founded by a team of information technology veterans in the United States with a vision of building an agile, innovative and efficient organization that increases our client’s shareholder value. The AvatarSoft leadership team is leveraging our experience in running both venture backed and public technology companies with operations across multiple continents to build the optimal company. 

Our infrastructure, methodology, team design, employee profile and client relationship models are designed to maximize the success of our clients in which we can help reduce time to market and increase quality. Most importantly, our culture is defined to encourage our highly experienced teams to deliver innovative solutions that don’t just meet our client’s needs, but also exceed their expectations.

Why join the Navy when you can be the pirates?

Steve Jobs. 

Core Value

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We share your innovation and make it become successful project.


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We bring value and success to your business. 


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Our team members are working professional with unlimited innovation and motivation. We will make your ideas become successful project. 

Strategic Planning

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We have several years of experience in IT. Introduction of development rigor and process that result in efficient, lower cost, high quality and predictable development